A better way to sell your car.

The idea to help people sell their own cars came from a few experiences.

  • I saw a very nice car being sold with a ‘shoe polished’ phone number on the back windshield
  • I asked myself “How would I sell my car?”

As a web developer I would build a simple webpage about my car – then advertise the site with a vinyl sticker on the back windshield.

That idea has morphed into BuyThisVeh.com.

A better way. The dealership will roll any excess they give you for your trade in into your new car purchase.

Ebay, AutoTrader and Cars.com will show your car with 30-50 of other cars that will compete against yours.

No other service offers you a way to advertise your own car.

For $30 you get a vinyl sticker and a website to sell your car.

See a Example Vehicle Listing

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